Friday, June 3, 2011

College Football 2009: Year Of The QB

 It's that time of year again. Time for tailgating, upsets, rivalries, traditions and everything else we love about college football. But this year has the potential to be a very special season for fans and players alike. Tim Tebow or Sam Bradford could become only the second player in college football history to win two heismans. Tebow also could win another national championship, giving him his third in four years. Boise State, Ole Miss, and Penn State could win a national championship for the first time since what seems like forever. 2009 also features many great games, teams, and quarterbacks.

Games Of The Year:
September 3 - Oregon at Boise State: This game will either show that Boise State is a BCS-caliber team or that Oregon is capable of challenging USC for the Pac 10 crown
September 5 - Georgia at Oklahoma State: Both teams need a win to make a statement that they intend to compete for the national title/their conference
September 5 - Virginia Tech vs Alabama: Could either of these teams play for the national championship?
September 12 - USC at Ohio State: Ohio State needs to gain back national respect and USC wants to show that they can compete for the national championship
September 26 - Cal at Oregon: Who will emerge as the one that will battle USC for the Pac 10 championship?
October 3 - USC at Cal: Important Pac 10 matchup
October 10 - Alabama at Ole Miss: Is Ole Miss really as good as they say they are?
October 10 - Florida at LSU: A matchup of perennial powerhouses, this game is very important for both teams as they look to win the SEC championship
October 17 - Oklahoma vs Texas: Perhaps THE biggest game of the year
October 31 - Texas at Oklahoma State: Can Zac Robinson get revenge against Texas?
November 7 - Ohio State at Penn State: This game probably will decide the Big Ten Championship

The Teams:
The Overrated:
Virginia Tech - I just don't see VT doing anything outside of winning the ACC (a weak conference) championship
Ole Miss - Good? Yes. SEC championship good? No.
Georgia - I just see this team being mediocre this year
Georgia Tech - Another mediocre team in my view
On The Edge (Teams that are on the edge of being great or just being good):
Penn State - Could be as good as winning the Big Ten and a BCS bowl or as bad as finishing second or third in the Big Ten
Oklahoma State - Could compete for the Big 12 title or just fade in behind Texas and Oklahoma
LSU - SEC title contender or just Capital One Bowl material?
California - I've seen them as high as #2 and as low as #20
Boise State - BCS bowl contender or just WAC champion?
Ohio State - Could be the national champion or finish second in the Big Ten
The Elite:
Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, and Alabama
It's a toss up between these five teams to win the National Championship

    This college football season is filled with amazing talent at QB. From the legendary Tim Tebow to the hardly-known Case Keenum, this year has tons of great players at the most important position in football.
The Quarterbacks
Tim Tebow - Maybe not the best passer, but arguably the best player in college football at the moment
Sam Bradford - Look for another run at the Heisman this year by Bradford
Colt McCoy - My favorite to win the Heisman, should be motivated to outdo Bradford this year
Case Keenum - Had a prolific year passing the ball last year, and shows no signs of stopping
Zac Robinson - The third best QB in the Big 12, but watch out for Robinson and the Cowboys this year
Jevan Snead - Can he live up to the hype and deliver a great season for Ole Miss?
Kellen Moore - If his freshman year was an omen, the Broncos should have an amazing year this year
Terrelle Pryor - This year will show if Pryor is as good as advertised, or just another mediocre QB
My Predictions:
National Championship: Florida vs Texas
Heisman: Colt McCoy
SEC: Florida
ACC: Virginia Tech
Big Ten: Ohio State
Pac 10: USC
Big 12: Texas
Big East: Flip a coin

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