Friday, June 3, 2011

Virginia Tech Football: Why Tyrod Taylor is Poised to Win the Heisman

The Heisman race is bereft of a clear-cut favorite coming into the 2010 season. Mark Ingram, Terrelle Pryor, Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, and others are some of the names tossed around, but I think Tyrod Taylor will win this year's Heisman.
Here's why—
Mark Ingram won the Heisman last year as a Sophomore and won the National Title with Alabama as well. However, it's incredibly hard to repeat as the Heisman winner, as there has only been one in the history of college football. Alabama also has a hard schedule and Trent Richardson will probably get more carries this year.
Terrelle Pryor has been called the next Vince Young and had a great showing in the Rose Bowl where he had 338 yds of total offense. However, Jim Tressel's offense is very conservative, and with tons of talent at RB, OSU will probably run a lot this year. Pryor has the talent to win the Heisman, but the offensive playbook won't unleash Pryor unless the Buckeyes get desperate in a game.
Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett both have been called favorites to win this year, but I think Washington won't do much this year and that Arkansas is overrated. Locker has a better chance to win the Heisman, but I still think it's a slim chance. Ryan Mallett is talented, but the Hogs schedule is brutal.
Case Keenum could be the all time passing yards leader in college football when it is all said and done, but his video game performances from the past years have largely gone unnoticed, so I don't see him winning this year.
Matt Barkley should be considered the dark horse this year, I think he has a better chance at winning the Heisman than Jake Locker. Kellen Moore also may have a shot if he has a stellar performance against Virginia Tech the first week of the season.
I don't see Jared Jefferson, John Clay, Garrett Gilbert, Jeremiah Masoli, Jacory Harris, Julio Jones, Andrew Luck, Ryan Williams, Greg McElroy, or John Brantley winning the Heisman, either.
Tyrod Taylor will win the Heisman because I think he can have a great game against Boise State the first week of the season and then beat Miami later in the year. VT's schedule isn't easy, but it isn't killer either.
Tyrod will touch the ball every play and he doesn't have to rely on his receivers to get the ball upfield, but can also scramble for some yards. Look for T-Mobile to call up the Heisman trophy this year. You heard it here first.

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