Friday, June 3, 2011

Why Ohio State - USC Is One Of The Biggest Games In OSU History (2009)

You can't stay where the Buckeyes are forever.

You can't be considered an elite team and lose 5 straight to top 5 opponents.
    That's why tonight, much is at stake for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Sure, OSU has had many important and big games before. But the Bucks desperately need a win tonight to show the critics that they are still an elite program and team. Either they will fall or rise. In front of a record crowd at Ohio Stadium along the Olentangy, the Buckeyes will get a chance to redeem themselves. The Buckeyes won't get a game of this magnitude for at least a few more years. Tonight will mean the difference between national championships, recruits, heismans, and honor. Matt Barkley, who has the potential to win a heisman, and Terrelle Pryor, who's legacy could be remembered by how he played in this game, will take the field trying to lead their team to victory. Jim Tressel could cement his legend as one of the greatest OSU coaches of all time with a victory against USC. The Buckeyes also look for revenge and respect as they face a tenacious defense with the likes of Taylor Mays. Can Ohio State control the USC RBs and put the pressure on USC? Can USC shut down Terrelle Pryor? Will OSU be able to stay with USC, or will there be a blowout? How will the noise affect USC?

    Tonight we will know.

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